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Raya and the Last Dragon

A long time ago, in a magical land, people lived side by side with dragons - the creators and keepers of water. Peaceful life came to an end when the creatures of darkness appeared, which turned people and dragons into stone sculptures, and only the magic of the dragon Shisu was able to drive away evil creatures and disenchant people, but did not affect the dragons. The country split into several states, and the magic dragon stone was kept in one of them, which was ruled by the father of the main character. He dreamed of uniting the lands, but due to human greed and envy, the artifact shattered. The ruler of each country received a shard, and the druuns again began to rule undividedly. Several years later, Raya fearlessly travels through the scorched desert, exploring the remaining rivers and not losing hope of finding the last dragon - the last hope of people to defeat the Druun.